San Antonio Cycling Club V&V Ride

Road, Social, No Drop
Rides suitable for cyclists who are new to the sport (or who have not been on a bike for some years), family-friendly rides or any riders that feel a need for some mentoring. Note: please note that minors under the age of 16 cannot participate in rides unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Families with children should, in any event, confirm with the ride leader ahead of time that the ride will be suitable for their needs.

Targeted towards riders who have a few years in the saddle, who have developed some riding confidence and fitness and feel ready to move to the next level. Could attract more experienced riders who are looking for a relaxed or less aggressive ride.

Limited to experienced riders with superior bike handling skills and who are comfortable with a fast pace (probably including single and/or double pace-line riding) and/or hilly terrain, and the possibility of heavily trafficked roads. Advanced rides are less likely to be "no-drop" unless identified as such.
Novice, Intermediate
28 - 34
Average Speed
10 - 12
Flat to rolling
Friday, 15 Jul, 2016
8:00 AM
Take Hwy 90 west bound to Castroville. Sammy's is on the left at the third traffic light. Park in the lot behind Sammy's, not in the lot across the street.

Meet Vern, Vivian, and others in the lot behind Sammy's for this ride. This ride is about 28 to 34 miles over mostly flat terrain at an easy to moderate pace. Route may vary according to input from group. Guest are welcome to join us on this ride and for lunch afterwards. Ride Leaders, Vivian & Vern, 210-275-5637.

Helmets are required on all rides

Don't forget your water, energy drinks, snacks, spare tube, and cell phone.

Also don't forget your cables and locks if you plan to join us for lunch.

Guests are always welcome.  No reservations or call ahead  required.  Just show up!       

Please arrive least 15 minutes before posted time to prepare your bike and yourself.  As a courtesy to the other cyclists, we must leave on time...please don't be late!

We have a no-drop policy...which means that at least one cyclist will sweep behind the main group to ensure no one gets lost and all cyclists are able to return to the finish location.

...To lead a ride, contact Vern at 210-275-5637, or
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WELCOME The San Antonio Cycling Club is a recreational road bike club that offers weekday and weekend rides. Our club rides are in San Antonio and the nearby hill country areas. We ... morewelcome cyclists of all skill levels. We are a casual club and our members usually ride at various speeds from 8 to 16 mph. All of our group rides have Ride Leaders, and a sweep or SAG will be available when needed. We never leave anyone behind.


We created the San Antonio Cycling Club in 2009 because we felt it was time to have a club that provides rides without the need of regulated club we eliminated club officers. We also eliminated official club meetings along with the usual rules and regulations, including the membership fees. fees at all. We believe that anyone that wants to ride should ride...for free. We want to keep the fun in cycling.

We kept what we feel are the more important aspects of a cycling club, such as a website that includes a ride schedule, maps and ride leaders that believe no one should be left behind.

After each of our rides we welcome everyone, including guests, to join us for lunch where we usually end up discussing cycling. It is from these discussions that we use information to continue to improve SACC and its website.